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The METALWORKING COMPANY DIRECTORY is essential to identifying and learning about new suppliers, clients and production or technology partners within the Catalan metallurgic sector

The WEBMETAL.CAT directory provides detailed, up-to-date information on the profile, contact data and production activity characteristics of Catalan companies in the metal sector, classified according to product type.

The Catalan metal sector is made up of companies that manufacture thousands of products in various activity sectors (driving components; electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic portable tools; construction equipment and machinery; maintenance equipment; welding and thermal and surface treatment equipment; ferrous and non-ferrous casting; measuring, quality control and environment instruments; moulds, dies and models,...).

This information can be consulted easily using a search form, whereby it is possible to identify companies according to different classification levels such as manufactured goods (sectors/sub-sectors/products), and according to client sectors (cars, aeronautics, food, household appliances, packaging, railways, textile and clothing industries, precision material, electric and electronic material,...).

The Catalan metal sector has a very international focus, as demonstrated by its wide experience in supplying clients from all over the world. Quality, efficiency and innovation are the key factors behind this international drive.

The directory is part of the PLAN FOR INTERNATIONALISING THE METAL SECTOR, and the first edition was created in 2008

This Plan is aimed at supporting the metal sector companies in their internationalisation process.

The following institutions have signed the Plan

- Catalan Association of Die and Mould Companies (ASCAMM)
- Centre of Metallurgic Studies and Consultancy (CEAM)
- Metallurgic Centre (CENTREM)
- Metallurgic Company Union (UEM)
- Metallurgic Employers Union (UPM)
- Metallurgic Company Union of l'Hospitalet and el Baix Llobregat (UPMBALL)

For further information please send a message to

Plan Development Commission

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